• 01 Jun 2022
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Generating Webhook Credentials

To integrate with the platform and perform specific actions, generating credentials is a must. This will enable the system to authenticate and communicate in a secure manner.

Generating Webhook Credentials

If your organization is integrating with DL Freight through APIs to perform activities on behalf of a specific user, webhook credentials will need to be generated to access the APIs.

Before being able to sign any API requests, create an API key:

  1. Click on the Business Workflows tab.

  2. From within the main Business Workflows page, click on the Credentials button in the top right corner.

Credential button.png

Credentials Button

  1. After clicking on the Credentials button, an Authentication sidebar window appears that enables to randomly generate a unique Client ID and Client secret code. Click on the Generate Key button to generate the unique randomized codes.

Click on the question mark icon (?) to get onscreen help text for the authentication process.


Authentication Sidebar

  1. After the randomly generated keys are produced, please record them, and use them for integrations.


Randomized and Unique Client Webhook Credentials.

Additional Help Icons

Use the quick copy icons on the right of those fields to easily copy the Client Id and Secret. Click on the eye icon to view the hidden client secret.

  1. For comprehensive instructions on API integration and the list of available APIs, click on the API documentation link in the Authentication window.
Regenerate Key

The Regenerate Key appears once after the generation of a client secret. You can generate a new client secret using this button.

Security Settings

Security of the integrations can be enhanced by configuring a few simple settings.

  1. Click on the Settings tab from the Authentication sidebar.


Settings page on Authentication window

  1. On this page, add certain security features by assigning a Token Timeout duration.

Set the timeout duration in minutes or hours by clicking on the Time Unit dropdown list.

  1. Additionally, Account Lockout can be configured in case several attempts are made to access the platform using the email or token credentials.
In case of Lockout

Contact your organization or the Admin to enable the access.

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