Carrier Delay Reason Codes
  • 25 Jul 2022
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Carrier Delay Reason Codes

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TRANSPORTATION CARRIER ADMINISTRATIVE Missing ownership of the tractor or trailer I.E., missing paperwork, expired safety, lost or expired plates
DRIVER ERROR Due to driver error I.E., picked up wrong trailer, driver misread load tender
DRIVER PLANNING Due to a dispatch driver scheduling/planning error
EQUIPMENT CAPACITY Due to the carrier not having enough capacity (equipment) to execute the loads assigned
INTERNAL - TRAILER Missing or Damaged Bulkheads/division walls, Load bars/Straps for carrier trailers
LATE PICKUP Due to late pickup from DC
LATE TRAIN Delay in arrival & departure of train
MECHANICAL-TRACTOR Mechanical failure involving carrier tractor
MECHANICAL-TRAILER Mechanical failure involving carrier trailer, bad car (container with mechanical issue)
REFRIGERATION UNIT Mechanical failure involving carrier reefer
YARD CONGESTION Delay caused by backlog of units, yard crane repairs/breakdown
ASSET INTERNAL - TRAILER Missing or Damaged Bulkheads/division walls, Load bars/Straps for a Walmart Trailer
MECHANICAL-TRAILER Mechanical failure involving Walmart Trailers
REFRIGERATION UNIT Mechanical failure of Walmart Reefers
SHUNT/EMPTY Shunt issue at DC or no empties
TRAFFIC/ADMIN ADMINISTRATION Tendering - BOL/DC Paperwork errors/Delays at the DC Traffic Office
ROUTING For system routing issues involving peddle runs/shortrec system. Delivery time does not allow the minimum transit/offloading time required from prior stop to make OT delivery
SNOW REMOVAL Delays caused by lack of snow removal from the top of trailers
DC OPERATIONS OVERWEIGHT Weight issues (LCV, rework)
PLANNING/VOLUME Used for Delays caused by Labour Planning - Freight Volume//Late Release
PRE-COOLING Used when pre-cooling issues or refrigerated trucks not holding temperature at the DC.
SHUNT Used for Delays caused by shunt opportunity at sites
STORE RESOURCES BACKROOM CAPACITY No space available in backroom at time of delivery
BAY DOORS UNAVAILABLE No receiving door available at time of delivery, excess snow
DELIVERY OVERLAP - COLLISION Code to be updated by LSS Mgmt. based on outcome when doing research on Prior Store Delay
HOLIDAY REFUSAL Refusal due to no Staffing or Store Closed, not equipped to handle freight, unplanned delivery
REFUSAL Refusal due to lack of space, not equipped to handle freight, unplanned delivery
SHUNT/EMPTY Current driver requested to move/shunt equipment
STAFFING Current store delay due to staffing, breaks, lunches, shift change - 1ST STOP
PRIOR STORE OFFLOADING Excessive unloading time at the store.
STAFFING Breaks, lunch, lack of staff
TEMP INTEGRITY Delayed at prior store due to MP/FDD temp integrity issue
LSS LSS Tendering and trailers delays caused by LSS
WEATHER & ROAD WEATHER CONDITIONS LONG TERM DELAY Road closure of greater than or equal to 24 hours.
SHORT TERM DELAY Road delay of less than 24 hours
ACCIDENT INBOUND Tractor/Trailer involved in an accident on route to DC
OUTBOUND Tractor/Trailer involved in an accident on route to Store
EN ROUTE CONSTRUCTION Delay caused by Construction, roadwork, etc.
FERRY CAPACITY Vessel doesn’t have room after booking
RAIL Rail delays due to derailment, deramping, bad order rail cars
TRAFFIC Delays caused by route congestion, accident (driver not involved)
VESSEL DELAY Vessel, Ferry/Barge delays going to Vancouver or Newfoundland, issues include Dangerous Goods, missed crossings, bumped crossings, etc.

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