• 12 Oct 2022
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Direct Store Delivery is Live v1.0.0

April 22nd, 2022                                                                                                   Version 1.0.0

In this release, the DL Freight platform offering has been extended to optimize and prioritize the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) process across all stores and suppliers, through the implementation of a scheduler tool.  The Master Delivery Schedule gives the DSD admin team, store managers, and all suppliers visibility into when products will be delivered based on business logic which optimizes deliveries to reduce clashes at the store receiving bay doors.

Furthermore, the optimized schedules consider several impacting factors, such as but not limited to, commodity type (ex. Frozen, General Merchandise, etc.), number of receiving doors, and associate staff availability for receiving and shelving products.

Ultimately, the optimized Master Delivery Schedule results in quick delivery for all suppliers, and timely product availability on the shelves of Walmart stores for the end customer.

Features Delivered in this Update

Scheduling Tool Feature:

  • DL Freight generates an optimized schedule – called the Master Delivery Schedule, which creates visibility for all the stakeholders and enables DSD bookings for each store and supplier.
  • DL Freight displays a calendar view from Saturday to Friday, to showcase essential information, from suppliers.
  • The calendar provides several filters including Store, Vendor, and timeframe, and allows a toggle feature between week and day views.
  • DL Freight provides several mechanisms for suppliers to define their schedules:
    • Ability to create and upload delivery schedules, either individually or in bulk to multiple stores.
    • Request adjustments to specific deliveries and provide relevant notifications for approval.
    • Schedule ad-hoc deliveries which are applicable to an already optimized timeframe.
    • Walk-in deliveries for rare occasions when a delivery is defined and scheduled with 24 hours or less notice.
    • Schedule seasonal deliveries such as Garden Centre products.
  • Store managers can define a Blackouts which would cancel scheduled deliveries on the rare occasion of a store emergency.
    • Timeframe of a blackout (7-day max).
    • The reason for a blackout and the commodity types impacted.
    • Defining an entire store blackout versus a partial store impacting a select number of commodities.
    • Automatic cancelling of deliveries with notification to impacted vendors, store managers, and the DSD admin team.
    • Enhancing the store receiving logic for flexible schedule days after re-opening.
  • The ability for Store Managers to check in a delivery (capturing the name and company name of the delivery) and to specific on-time metrics.
  • The platform calculates on-time % based on the data inputted after each delivery.
  • DL Freight consumes LSS data from Master store schedule data, including, but not limited to, number of bay doors, number of stores receiving associates, and store capacity.
  • The platform is scheduling distribution center (DC) deliveries in addition to direct store delivery (DSD) providing the stores a thorough and complete view of all deliveries.
  • DL Freight stores criteria derived from LSS data and business processes to optimize vendor schedules.
  • DL Freight generates notifications for all scheduling types, blackouts, and interactions on the platform.
  • Integrated with feedback evaluation form where Store Managers and Suppliers can provide their detailed feedback for process improvement considerations.

Reporting Module Feature:

  • DL Freight generates a dashboard and reports directly from the platform to reflect On-Time % and weekly pre-sub.
  • Integrate with Tableau for the purpose of data visualization for detailed pre-substitution metrics. 

Load Visibility Feature:

  • DL Freight integrates with FourKites to receive delivery status information from the time of pick up to the time of delivery.

For any questions, please email us at dlfreight.support@dltlabs.io

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