• 07 Oct 2022
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New Platform Design v1.0.0

July 05th, 2021                                                                                                              Version 1.0.0

DLT Labs is excited to announce a new and improved design for DL Asset Track. This update refines the presentation of data and implements intelligent design, enhancing the platform's usability. The existing user interface functionalities remain intact, maintaining familiarity for existing users and ensuring a smooth transition to the new design. The updated design further aligns with our goal to deliver a simplified user journey and quality platform experience. 

In the first phase of implementation, these features are available for the Monitor and Participants user roles. 

Features Delivered in this Update

Features that enhance user convenience 

  • With DL Asset Track’s improved display font, on-screen text displays are more prominent for better readability.
  • Balanced color schematics are easy on the eyes while maintaining DLT Lab’s brand consistency.
  • Highlighted data fields establish appropriate emphasis.
  • Password fields now have an ‘eye’ icon to view password text.
  • Vivid icons and well-defined buttons prompt quick identification and allow seamless navigation on the platform.
  • This update leverages a formal design system and the latest trends while maintaining key design standards to significantly simplify the user journey.
  • The platform performance is significantly improved by upgrading to Angular 11. The result: Faster loading times and smoother transitions to new screens.
  • Participant and Monitor users can now activate screen tips by clicking on the ‘i’ icon. Onscreen help appears upon mouse hover and provides information about essential elements on the platform. 
  • Detailed pop-up windows now appear on the side of the screen increasing visibility and ease of access. Immersive sidebars now help to focus on the task at hand.
  • Participants and Monitors can now switch to dark mode on the DL Asset Track platform. This specialized visualization emits less glare and reduces strain on the eyes, especially while reading screens in low-light conditions.
  • Theme Changer is a quick customization functionality that swiftly modifies color schemes and visual elements on the DL Asset Track platform. This lets users quickly select and use the look and feel of DL Asset Track as per their preference.

Design details that support Business Workflows

  • Business Workflows now have a quick navigation view with complete data hierarchy to locate information with ease. A mini display window with infinite scroll comes in handy for business workflows that contain large volumes of data. 
  • Business workflow tables have fixed columns to ensure that actions and selection of data fields are readily available. 
  • Fixed columns are shaded differently to differentiate them from other columns.
  • Business workflows now have a breadcrumbs view for seamless navigation. Each breadcrumb contains the entire hierarchy of the business workflow. The system enables users to navigate back and forth using the breadcrumb paths.
  • Special copy buttons are available under the ‘View Details’ section. Participants and Monitors can either copy the entire data table or copy individual data elements.
  • Participants and Monitors can expand and condense/contract windows with data fields based on requirement and emphasis.
  • Monitors and Participant users have additional options while creating a business workflow instance:
    • Create multiple instances simultaneously.
    • Retain data fields for upcoming instances on the same window. 
    • Clear existing data fields while creating a new instance.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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