• 18 Jul 2022
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  1. After logging in, click on the Name or the Profile image to view the Data Operator profile.


Profile Dropdown box

  1. Now, click on the Language section from the dropdown box that appears.


Language section

  1. This further opens a Language Management section.

  2. A Data Operator can select any language as per their choice, from the available languages.

  3. Click on the Ok button from the prompt screen that appears.


Prompt screen

  1. This further changes the platform language to the selected language.

  2. Likewise, click the Change Password button to change the Data Operator account password.


Change Password button

  1. Now, a Change Password screen appears. Enter the account's old password and new password in the respective textboxes.


Change Password screen

  1. Click on the Confirm button to change the account password.

User Agreement

  1. Click the User Agreement button to view the User Agreement.


User Agreement button

  1. The user agreement slides in from the right side of the screen. .


  1. After clicking on the profile section, click on the Logout button from the dropdown that appears.


Logout button

  1. Next, click the Yes button from the prompt screen that appears to log out of the platform.


Prompt screen

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