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User Interface Enhancements v2.0.0

October 30th, 2021                                                                                      Version 2.0.0

In the second phase of implementation, the improved platform design and enhancements are now available for the Operator user role of DL Freight. This update refines the presentation of data and implements intelligent design to enhance the overall usability of the platform. The existing user interface functionalities are intact to ensure a smooth transition to the new design while maintaining familiarity. The new layout further simplifies the day-to-day functions of the operator. Additionally, this release also covers minor enhancements for other user roles of DL Freight.

Features Delivered in this Update

Features that enhance user convenience 

  • With Freight’s improved display font, onscreen text displays are more detailed for better readability.
  • Vivid icons and well-defined buttons prompt quick identification and allow seamless navigation on the platform. Icons and buttons have a consistent appearance throughout the platform to maintain familiarity for users.
  •  Operators can now activate screen tips by clicking on the ‘i’ icon. Onscreen help appears upon mouse hover and provides information about essential elements on the platform. 
  • Switch to dark mode on the DL Freight platform. This specialized visualization emits less glare and reduces strain on the eyes, especially while reading screens in low-light conditions.
  • Effective replication functions for bulk data creations. Operators have additional options while creating data records:
    • Create multiple records simultaneously using the Create Another checkbox. The operator doesn’t have to repeat the same navigation steps.
    • Keep data from the previous entry for a new record on the same window by selecting the Retain Data checkbox.
    • Clear existing data fields while creating a new record using the Clear button.
  • Major action buttons are enabled only when all required fields have relevant data. This feature acts as a basic interface validation to ensure that users provide accurate input for mandatory fields. 
  • Operators can seamlessly switch between full screen and contracted view. This feature is useful for lengthy data configurations that have multiple fields. The maximize window is handy while configuring If/else conditional operations under the expressions tab.

Intuitive design implementation

  • This update leverages a formal design system and the latest trends while maintaining key design standards to significantly simplify the user journey.
  • The platform has a structured tabular representation to accommodate and identify large volumes of data easily. All the modules on the platform show data in tables with color-coded rows for better visibility.
  • All modules contain sticky or fixed columns that remain constant on the screen even when the user scrolls through data. The most used fixed columns are the selection Checkbox and Actions column. These columns help the operator to perform changes across various entries with ease. 
  • Additionally, Sticky columns across the platform are highlighted in a different color than the regular ones for quick identification.   
  • Detailed pop-up windows now appear on the side of the screen increasing visibility and ease of access. Immersive sidebars help to focus on the task at hand.
  • The labelling of sidebars is accurate and consistent. i.e., the sidebar heading is Create when the operator is adding a new record. Similarly, when the operator is modifying an existing record, the section heading is labelled as Update. This gives an exact idea about the current operation.
  • Organized input stepladders for each operation that have multiple levels of inputs. Every module in the operator platform is divided into a simpler step-by-step format that ensures the easier addition of new data.  
  • Lengthy data operations have breadcrumbs view on each step for seamless navigation. Each breadcrumb contains the entire hierarchy of the steps of the operation. The system enables users to navigate back and forth using the breadcrumb paths.
  • Data subjected to transition are color-coded in different shades. The information stands out for swift identification. Fields such as user status, drafts, API functions, and workflow status are coded in a different color based on the current state of functionality. Additionally, data rows that have been modified are also highlighted in a different color.

Change in platform terminologies

  • Changes in platform text adhere to general nomenclature standards and are more relevant to users.
    • Groups are now renamed to Business Entity 
    • Monitors are now called Auditors 
    • Workflows make more sense with the term Business Workflows
    • Scheduled Reports are categorized under the Analytics module

Module-specific enhancements 

  • Operators now have dedicated tabs to configure Attributes and Expressions while creating or updating Asset Categories.
  • Add complex mathematical expressions to an Asset Category with ease. Expressions have an ergonomic design implementation. The interface and functions are user approachable and simplify the process of creating long and complex mathematical operations. Expressions even support customizable JavaScript codes making them extremely compatible with various computations and business logic. 
  • Operators now define and configure Dynamic attributes in simple steps. The Onscreen text editor simplifies complex formulas and conditions which helps the user to define rules and validations associated with the dynamic attribute.
  • Attribute configurations under Asset Profiles have an intuitive design. Switch to a maximized window to get a detailed view of the attributes and customize data tags as per requirements. The operator can restore data tags if they are removed while customization. Additionally, the operator can visualize the attribute customization by using the preview option. The preview feature enables the operator to review the attributes before saving the final customization.
  • Business workflow configurations are now categorized into meaningful steps:
    • Workflow Details 
    • Workflow Sequence
    • Workflow Settings
  • The operator progresses to the next set of configurations upon providing data for the required fields.
  • An interactive and visually attractive sequence canvas enables the operator to configure multi-directional business workflows.
    • Each element on the canvas is highlighted upon selection.
    • Users can easily drag and drop elements.
    • Add groups and connectors from defined tabs.
    • Data configuration is very intuitive.
    • Grid view adds aesthetics and uniformity for perfect visuals.
    • The canvas, including the background and grid, is completely customizable by the user. 
    • Users can save snapshots for the workflow sequence.
    • Defined functionalities for the last node, connector nodes, and service nodes enable the operator to implement efficient rules and validations for the business logic.
    • Immersive sidebar on the right to manage all settings.
    • Symmetrical icons on each element to perform quick actions.
  • API functions for the Service node are color-coded for visual aesthetics and quick identification of the operations. For e.g., GET service is highlighted in blue, POST in green and DELETE in red.
  • Service nodes have a code editor for ease of implementation. The operator can also access onscreen help text for basic operations for service nodes by clicking on the info icon.
  • Data sections are uniformly categorized for configuring various nodes on the workflow sequence. Assign rules under attribute settings to establish attribute level validations while configuring elements of the business workflow.
  • The platform now has vertical tabs designed to accommodate multilevel workflow settings. Each workflow setting has a customized layout to gather user inputs with efficiency. The operator can access a fixed summary column on the right of the screen, which provides a great overview of the business workflow settings. Users can quickly skim through the configurations without going through each setting one after the other.
  • Operators now have a quick edit window to configure master table settings for Data Operators. Assigning rules and conditions for columns and columns values is done easily using the new interface. The access levels are color-coded tabs that are highlighted upon selection.
  • Master tables now have both list view and grid view, users can toggle between the views. Operators can efficiently set validations to view, download or upload data to master tables.
  • The platform provides on-screen help text when the user uploads data to a master table. Users can refer to the help text to use the template and upload data.
  • Operators can easily view versions of updated columns in a master table. The modified rows are highlighted in a different color to stand out from the rest.

Enhancements for other user roles

  • All the enhancements implemented for the Operator will reflect for the Subordinate users as well. Subordinates can access the improved user interface and seamlessly perform operations.
  • Participants and Auditors can view a real-time simulation notification while sending the asset to the next entity. The notification appears on the left bottom of the screen with the details of all the activities that occur in the background. The simulation notification appears even if multiple instances (bulk send operation) are sent at once. 
  • Participants and Auditors can identify modified data easily when comparing data from different business entities from the business workflow timeline. The rows with modified information are highlighted in a different color. Users can easily compare the change in data between various entities.
  • Similarly, data rows are highlighted in a different color when any data is updated or modified on the instance details page for participants and auditors.
  • Participants and Auditors can now preview an attachment that is uploaded on the instance details page for a shipment. This is helpful to quickly refer to and review uploaded files.

For any questions, please email us at dlfreight.support@dltlabs.io 

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