• 06 Jun 2022
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User Interface Enhancements v2.2.0

April 22nd, 2022                                                                                                              Version 2.2.0

In this release, platform text and on-screen elements have been enhanced to provide a better user experience while performing day-to-day activities on DL Asset Track.

Features Delivered in this Update

Custom Resize and Retention:

  • The platform supports custom resizing for the following sections:
    • Attribute columns on the instance listing page. 
    • Tag information on the instance details page.
  • The resizing dimensions or appearance is retained and implemented by the platform upon usage.

Platform Text Changes

  • The information message while adding or editing the dynamic attribute has been updated.
  • Changed the “Workflow-trigger node node” text to “Workflow-trigger node”.
  • Changed the breadcrumbs text for Participants - Business Workflow breadcrumb is now linked and navigates to respective destination.
  • Renamed “Group Node” to “Business Entity” across the platform.
  • Rephrased “Hide from Business Entities” to “Hide from other Business Entities” while configuring business workflows.
  • The error message for the contact field in the participant profile section is now accurate.
  • Updated the content of the workflow trigger sections, schedule tab, and the basic information tab.

Business Workflow Feature:

  • Operators can search business entities while configuring a business workflow.
  • Operators can view updated screens for creating a new business workflow trigger node.
  • Operators now have a multi-select dropdown feature in all the status columns across DL Asset Track.
  • Updated color schemes for Select Attributes in the Rules and Workflow Trigger node sections for the operator.

Bulk Operations

  • Operators can check the status of a business workflow on the interactive navigation panel on the Business Workflows page.
  • While selecting multiple data rows for bulk operations, Participants and Operators can view the count of selected instances on the table footer. 
  • Create Instance option under Aggregate and Create displays the same number and sequence of attributes as shown while creating a new instance. 
  • Operators can preview the selected attributes even for the tags where the Search filter is applied while configuring an Asset Profile. 
  • Participants and Operators can click ‘CTRL + Left Mouse Click’ on the instance view details icon to open the instance details page in a new browser tab. Meanwhile, the instance listing page remains open in the current tab. 

Managing Data Fields for Expressions

  • Operators can delete the data field values while creating Add, Multiply, Min, or Max expressions. The fields can be dropped after providing a minimum of two values as input while configuring expression on the Asset category page. 

Text Consistency 

  • Operators can view a validation message on selecting the default value for the Date type data field as it is a mandatory field. 
  • The platform supports consistent casing for the Profile menu, Subordinate menu, and ‘Aggregate and Create’ instance screens for better readability. 
  • Participants will not see the Asset tag ID field under the Aggregate and Create instance to make it consistent with the Create Instance. 
  • Operators now receive a corrected validation message for the contact number data field while configuring Auditor information. 
  • For inactive Asset Category, all the data fields are disabled even when the Operator selects the expanded/maximized window. 

Detailed platform buttons

  • Operators can view the Update or Save button in all the process steps while updating or creating a business workflow.
  • Selected business workflow instances are highlighted in the interactive navigation panel on the business workflows page.
  • Participants can access an improved business workflow timeline. Detailed buttons improve visibility and enable faster operations. 
  • Operators can access an improved side panel on the right side of the screen while adding a new business workflow trigger node. 
  • Participants and operators can click on 'Right Mouse Click + Open in new tab' on the instance view details icon to open the instance details page in a new browser tab. Meanwhile, the instance listing page remains open in the current tab. 

Improved on-screen help text 

  • While creating a dynamic attribute, Operators can view an updated onscreen help message: "Click on the below items to create a dynamic attribute." 
  • Operators get a new validation message if a duplicate table name is used while creating a new Master Table. The message is displayed as: "Master Table with the same name already exists in the system." 
  • Operators can view a new label while removing a file format in the File Upload data type, i.e., "x Remove File Format."
  • Participants can view the tooltip for the View and Download icons on the instance details (View Details) page. 

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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