• 12 Oct 2022
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User Interface Enhancements v2.2.0

April 11th, 2022                                                                                                Version 2.2.0

In this release, platform text and on-screen elements have been enhanced to provide a better user experience while performing day-to-day activities on DL Freight.

Features Delivered in this Update

Business Entity 

  • Search business entities while configuring workflow.
  • Enabled the platform to remember the tag resize information from the instance detail page.


  • Enabled the platform to resize and retain the resize info for the Attribute columns done on the instance listing page.

Platform Text Changes

  • For the dynamic attribute, add/edit, the platform displays the Operators the right information message.
  • Updated the "Workflow-trigger node node" text to the "Workflow-trigger node".
  • Updated the breadcrumbs text for participants, and the Business Workflow link on the breadcrumb is now clickable.
  • Renamed "Group Node" to "Business Entity".
  • Rephrased "Hide from Business Entities" to "Hide from other Business Entities".
  • The error message for the contact field in the participant profile section is now accurate.
  • The content for the sub header was updated for the workflow trigger, schedule tab, as well as the basic information tab.

Business Workflows

  • Operators can view updated screens for creating a new business workflow trigger node.
  • Operators now have a multi-select drop-down feature in all the status columns across DL Freight.
  • Color schemes are now updated for Select Attributes in the Rules and Workflow Trigger node sections.

For any questions, please email us at dlfreight.support@dltlabs.io 

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