• 02 Jun 2022
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Project Side Navigation v8.4.0

December 28th, 2021                                                                                                              Version 8.4.0

In this release, updates have been made to improve navigation within workflows, offer better control over dashboard attributes and filter views, and enhance ease of access to transaction-related data.

Features Delivered in this Update

Add, update, rename or delete a filtered view

  • Participants, monitors, operators, and subordinates can save the preferred filter values of the attributes team from the workflow. 
  • These users can now also update saved filter views by adding or removing attributes in their workflows, updating the names of filter views, and deleting existing filter views in workflows.

Enhanced reconfigurability for dashboard attributes

  • Operator and sub-ordinate operators can now rename dashboard columns 1 and 2 and assign a navigation attribute field. 
  • Operators and subordinates can now also update the name of workflow instances. These updates are reflected on participants’ and monitors’ end when they log in to the platform on the workflow list page. 

Simpler navigation within workflows and their instances

  • Participants and monitor can now navigate between workflows and workflow instances using a side navigation option.

Improved access to transaction-related data within workflows 

  • Participants, monitors, operators, and subordinates can view transaction history via blockchain record IDs available for each activity under the ‘activities and comments’ section of an instance. 
  • Participants and monitors can now view a total count of the following statuses: ‘Pending for acceptance’ and ‘Dispute raised’. 

Inclusion of ‘Include deactivated instance’ data point when adding or updating scheduled reports

  • Operators and subordinates can configure ‘Include deactivated instance’ when adding/updating the scheduled report.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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