• 06 Oct 2022
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Enhancements in this Release v9.2.0

August 17th, 2022                                                                                                              Version 9.2.0

The DL Asset Track platform has design improvements  in the existing user interface in this release. Existing functionalities are updated to deliver a smoother and more user-friendly navigation. The platform Operator/Subordinate Operator can now configure Business Entity Settings and change the order of the attributes.

In this release, DL Asset Track has added support for the operator user to configure the scheduled reports' emails that are sent out by the platform.

Additionally, a new endpoint is introduced that enables the operator to update the configuration of the Daily Report for specified attributes. 

Features Delivered in this Update

Business Entity Settings

While configuring/updating the workflow, an Operator user can now configure the Hide for this business entity attribute property for any attribute of the Business Entity. 

  • The Participant cannot view the attributes when the property is configured as Hide for this business entity when the instance is with the respective business entity.
  • The user cannot view the attributes configured with the Hide for this business entity property while configuring the following dashboard widgets :
    • Recent activities
    • Assigned to me
    • Chart filter
  • The user cannot view the attribute with the Hide for this business entity property on:
    1. Creating/Updating an instance
    2. Instance Listing Page 
    3. Instance Details Page
    4. Activity Logs
    5. Dashboard Widgets
    6. Export Columns      
Configuration of Scheduled Reports' Email Notifications 
  • The operator can configure the email subject with placeholders to dynamically have "report name" and "execution date" in the subject field. 
  • The operator can place several placeholders in the email body template to have the following values generated dynamically in the email body:  
    • Report Name
    • Execution Date
    • Report Download Link
    • Platform Login Page Link
    • Support Email ID
  • The operator can configure an email body template of size up to 102KB and an email subject of length up to 256 characters.  
  • The operator can also configure the email notifications in any language.
Update the configuration of Daily Report for a specific attribute
  • DL Asset Track has added one new API. This API will allow the operator to update only specific attributes in daily reports' configuration data.
New Endpoint for fetching list of Business entities
  • The service will allow fetching the list of Business Entities, as needed, to serve the other Endpoints' requests initiated by the Participant/Auditor users. for which that user is a part of Workflow. 
New Endpoint for filtering the webhook endpoints
  • The platform should be able to filter the webhook endpoints by providing the filter parameters.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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