About DL MineTrace
  • 23 May 2022
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About DL MineTrace

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Article Summary


A comprehensive blockchain-based platform for enterprises that enables end-to-end insight across the full supply chain. It achieves digital maturity by recording all transactions from the source of the metal to its trip across the value chain in real time using distributed ledger technology. It would also provide traceability to assist mining businesses in adhering to compliance standards and certification of sustainable metals, hence increasing the value of the metal in the supply chain.

DL MineTrace assists in capture of critical details such as provenance data, compliance and sustainability standards, and supplier information. This enables mining firms to follow ESG guidelines, give accurate data to environmentally conscious consumers, effectively manage their supply chain, and build trust among all stakeholders.

Platform Concepts


Workflow Participants and Participant Groups are referenced in the DL MineTrace platform and associated documentation.
Business Workflow refers to the sequence of activities required to execute a task. A business workflow is a collection of all the shipments that follow the same activity sequence.
Workflow Participants are members of User Groups or Workflows.
A Workflow Participant is a User Group member. In your company, there could be several users (Workflow Participants). Those who belong to the same group have similar permissions within the overall Shipment Workflow.
Each User Group has defined roles that allow safe access to the platform.
The list of stakeholders for this implementation is as follows.

User Roles

Mine: Provides ore or minerals for precious and valuable metals.
City Logistics: Provides logistics support.
Material Stewardship: Provides product and material related support.
Processing Plant: Produces concentrates as interim product.
Supplier: Provides concentrates, which contain precious/useful metals.
Corporate Affairs: Related to external expectations for traceability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).
Sale and Marketing: Client facing functional area to manage orders.
Customer: Purchase top quality end product.

Understanding the Process

Each user role uploads an attribute or set of attributes that reflect asset transfer accountability and validity. In this case, the asset is a valuable metalloid with a wide range of applications.
Documents are categorized into two sections by their attributes.

NOTE: The properties aren't just for documents; they can also contain valuable user input. For example, order id, creation date, and other related data element.

Attribute TypeDescriptionLinkageExample
StaticA document that does not changeSite or ProductISO Certificate, Safety Data Sheet
TransactionalA document generated because of a system transaction, such as a sales orderShipping OrderBill of Lading or an Assay

Simplified Business Diagram


Simplified Business Diagram

Business Workflows

There are four business workflows in the present implementation, each demonstrating several scenarios in the mining industry.

  1. Mine
  2. Supplier
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Customer

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