Filters on Listing page
  • 31 May 2022
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Filters on Listing page

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Article Summary

Prebuilt Filters

  • In the selected business workflow, there are pre-built filters to segregate the workflow instances.

  • The default filters are Pending for Acceptance and All located on top of the workflow instance list.

Image 02.png

Prebuilt Filters


Pre-built or default filters cannot be customized or removed from the DL Asset Track platform.

Adding and customizing Filters

  • Click on the Filters button in the top right corner to view added filters on the instance listing page. Initially, there are no added filters to the Business Workflow.


Filters button

Custom Filters

The Filters button enables viewing the applied filters on a business workflow to search instances, i.e., if an instance follows the given conditions, only then is it visible on the list. Only one filter can be applied to a Business Workflow. Conditions can be applied to each column of a Business Workflow.


No exiting filters added

  • To create a filter, enter a particular value in the Search tab of a column, which is common across all records that are needed.


Saving a new filter

  • Now, a Save filter button is visible on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Save button from the dropdown box that appears.


Add Filter sidebar

  • Now, an Add Filter sider bar appears on the screen. Here, enter the name of the filter as needed.
  • Check the Save with the current columns checkbox to save the filter with current columns getting displayed on the listing page.
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom to create the filter.

Rename Custom Filter

To rename an existing filter,

  • Select the existing filter by clicking on the Filters button.
  • Now, add more conditions to the existing filter.
  • Click on the Save filter button and choose Save from the dropdown list. The operation saves the same filter with updated conditions.


Add more searches to the existing filter

  • An Update Filter sidebar appears on the screen.


Update Filter sidebar

  • Update the existing filter name and click on the Update button to rename this filter.
  • Likewise, selecting Save As provides the authority to create a new filter with a different name.

Delete Existing Filter

To delete a filter that is no longer required,

  • Click on the Filters button on the top right corner of the instance listing page.

  • A Filters sidebar appears on the screen containing a list of all the filters added.


Filters sidebar

  • Simply click on the bin icon on the right to delete a filter.


Delete Filter confirmation pop-up

  • Click on the Yes button on the prompt screen that asks for a confirmation.

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