New User Interface
  • 20 Dec 2022
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New User Interface

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Switching to the new view

DL Asset Track™ has a new and improved look, featuring ease of access, an enhanced UI, instant action buttons, optimized views & much more!


The enhancements focus on the platform experience for DL Asset Track™, a proprietary supply chain management system developed by DLT Labs™ that deals with freight logistics.

The DL Asset Track™ platform manages retail freight and logistics invoicing, leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, to provide a collaborative environment of trust between Walmart Canada and its logistics and supply chain partners in the accurate and efficient invoicing of instances.

This help document is a reference for you to:
  1. Easily access the new features.
  2. Perform allocated functions associated with the platform.

New Views & Enhanced Display

  1. hile logging into the DL Asset Track platform, view the password using the eye icon beside the Password data field.

Eye Icon Beside Password

Eye icon for the Password data field

  1. Click on the dropdown list on the top right corner and use the toggle button to switch to the New View.

Classic view.png

New View toggle button

  1. Similarly, use the same toggle button to switch to the Classic View.

Dark mode.png

Switch to the Dark Mode

  1. Select the Dark Mode, allowing for energy-efficient usage and enhanced viewing ergonomics by reducing eye strain.
  2. Additionally, on adding a comment under a Business Workflow instance, the comment is seen in white color for a better view.

activities & comments dark mode - 1.png

Viewing instances in Dark Mode

  1. To use the platform in the dark mode, click on the dropdown list in the top right corner.

  2. You will see an option called Dark Mode. Select this option to view all platform elements in a darker theme.

Default mode.png

Switch to the Default Mode

  1. Select the Default Mode option from the dropdown list to switch back to the Default View.

The dashboard remains the same. Also, the process of adding widgets & creating instances is the same as it was in the Classic View.

  1. The platform has slight font changes to make every section easily noticeable & actionable. Specific segments automatically adjust according to your screen size. The font is also auto-adjustable.

  2. The platform now has an overall new color scheme to direct your attention to certain action buttons.

Profile Menu Changes

  1. You will notice a refined profile page with an easy option to change your password.
  2. Click on the Change Password button in the top right section of the profile page.


Change Password button

  1. You will see a blank data field where you can type your new password and save it.


Change Password data fields

On-screen Help

  1. You will notice the i symbol on the Business Workflows page at the right bottom corner.
  2. When you click the i symbol, the platform will display the on-screen tips to give you information. On-screen tips explain the working of buttons or a function after hovering the cursor on any platform section.


i symbol

Disable these tips by clicking the close button at the right bottom corner.

Quicker Functionalities

  1. Pop-up windows now appear as immersive sidebars to improve visibility & ease of access.


Immersive sidebars

  1. The business workflows now have a step-by-step approach to adding input data. All information is structured correctly for agile management.

  2. The Business Workflows page has an arrow that opens an interactive navigation panel on the left-hand side. It has an infinite scroll that helps manage large volumes of data.


Interactive navigation panel

  1. In the interactive navigation panel, search for a specific Instance_id using the Search bar.


Interactive navigation panel Search bar

  1. Instance details have a breadcrumb view that enables quick navigation to different instances.


Breadcrumbs view

  1. Notice fixed columns for easy access to action buttons on opening an instance.


Fixed columns

  1. Click on the Select All checkbox for bulk operations.


Select All checkbox

  1. Instantly customize the display columns on the Business Workflows page.
  2. After selecting a particular business workflow instance or a set of instances, click on the Columns button at the top right corner.
  3. A Manage Columns Sidebar will appear from the right side of the screen. Select the required columns you want to be displayed and click on the Save button.


Manage Columns Sidebar

  1. There are pre-built filters to segregate instances in the business workflow.
  2. The Pending for Acceptance and Review Accessorial filter is at the top of your list.


Pre-built filters

  1. Action buttons are at the top and always highlighted to speed up your work.


Action buttons

  1. The view details page is more organized for ease of access.

Image 14.png

View details page

  1. On the view details page, click on the Copy button to copy the entire data table or copy individual elements as required.

Copy button

  1. Click on the Read More button to view data fields with multiple rows like address fields.
    Read more button.png

Read more button

  1. To achieve an emphasized view, click on the Expand and Contract icon.

Expand and contract icon.png

Expand and Contract icon

  1. The Chain icon denotes a dynamic attribute.

Chain icon

  1. Upon selecting an instance, notice various action buttons at the top.
  2. Click on the Update action button at the top to change an accessorial charge.


Update button

  1. A sidebar will appear on the right.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the data fields and click on the Save button.

Update sidebar

  1. Select the Show Timeline button from the actions button at the top to view the timeline of that particular instance.

Show timeline button.png

Show Timeline button

  1. This will instantly display the real-time status of that instance.

Hide Timeline
Hide the timeline for a more detailed view of the attributes.

  1. Compare two or more parameters of an instance from the timeline by selecting the required boxes and clicking the Compare button at the top to see a detailed comparison.


Compare button

  1. Under the Activities and Comments section, the Data Tables, Comments, and Details tab are segregated for ease.


Data Tables, Comments and Details tab

The Activities & Comments tab gives you a timeline of changes in your business workflow, including changes in the invoices listed under the Activities tab.

  1. Filter the activities & comments of a particular instance in the interactive window.

  2. Download and review the invoice using the Download button on the view details page or the Business Workflows page.

SLIDE 27.png

Download button


For more queries about the platform, feel free to drop us a mail at

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