• 03 Dec 2021
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Article Summary


Businesses across the world have a history of 3000+ years. The first trace of business goes back to the eighth century BC in India, where early organizations, called shreni, were the first firms that could independently enter into contracts. By 960 AD, China's Song dynasty saw the advent of gunpowder, printing presses, the first paper money, and the first partnerships and joint-stock companies to resemble our modern capital structures.

The rest is history. But there is one thing which has been prevalent across businesses right since the early days, Collaboration.

Since globalization, various platforms have been launched catering to various needs of Businesses—for example, SAP for ERP, Quick Books for Accounting, Salesforce for CRM, and many more. But due to lack of technology, the industry has lacked a platform that can integrate with all these platforms and enable Intercompany Information Exchange (IIE).

What is DL Asset Track?

DL Asset Track is the world’s most powerful Low Code Platform based on the concept of Distributed Autonomous Organization which allows businesses across the world to collaborate and enable Intercompany Information Exchange (IIE).

Unlike other platforms, which are trying to catch up with the concept of IIE, DL Asset Track has been designed & developed from scratch keeping in mind the Security of Information & Ease of Data Exchange.

DL Asset Track enables organizations to configure & deploy a Sophisticated Autonomous Fintech Enabled Supply Chain as a Service with a built-in marketplace for all participating organizations.

Distinctive Technology Features

  1. Distributed microservice architecture
  2. Each microservice is containerized in docker
  3. Powered by DLT Labs' ASIK engine, making the platform Blockchain agnostic
  4. Can be deployed on any cloud, or on-premisis hardware
  5. Inbuilt user management and reporting tools
  6. Server-side coding has been done in Node JS & GoLang, web coding in Angular JS & mobile coding using Flutter.
  7. For messaging, Kafka & Zookeeper combinations are used
  8. For searching and analytic Elastic Search is used
  9. Inbuilt network management tool for managing blockchain and traditional
  10. Web, Android, iOS, Windows & Mac platform apps come out of box

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