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February 28, 2023                                                                             Version 10.1.0

What's New

Business Workflow

  1. With this release, the workflow configuration feature removes the limitation that required Operator/Admin to associate a business entity with a participant before adding it to a workflow. With this update, Operator/Admin can now add a business entity to a workflow configuration without assigning a participant beforehand, providing greater flexibility and allowing for faster and more agile workflow creation.

  2. We are allowing Users to update workflows to reflect changes to group tags in addition to attributes and expressions. This means that users can make more comprehensive updates to workflows, including changes to group tags, without needing to create a new workflow from scratch. This update will help streamline workflow management and make it easier for users to make changes to their workflows as needed.

Integration Hub:

We are excited to announce the launch of the Integration Hub, a single place for end users to access all integration-related information for Asset Track. With the Integration Hub, users can now integrate with Asset Track more efficiently by accessing the following features:

  1. Credential Generation: Integration credentials can now be generated directly from the Integration Hub, making it easier and faster for users to set up integrations.
  2. Callback Configuration: Callback settings can now be configured through the Integration Hub, enabling users to notify downstream systems quickly and easily.
  3. Business Workflow Specific API Contract: Users can now access API Contracts specific to their integration needs by selecting the appropriate workflow and business entity. This streamlines the integration process by making it simpler for users to locate the necessary API Contracts. By ensuring that the correct information is readily available, we are improving the overall efficiency of the integration process.


  1. Improved error messages: We have updated our error messages to provide clearer and more actionable information, making it easier for users to resolve issues quickly.
  2. Consistent information messages: We have made improvements to the information messages displayed when no data is found after a search. These messages are now consistent and easier to understand.
  3. Enhanced tooltip messages: We have updated the tooltip messages for the left navigation menu to provide more information and help users navigate the platform more efficiently.
  4. Improved search experience: We have made several enhancements to the search functionality for instances, making it faster.


For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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