• 06 Oct 2022
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June 28th, 2021                                                                                                                                  Version 1.0.0

The objective of this release is to empower Ford’s support team with the DL Asset Track platform to accurately track production parts sent in by Ford’s suppliers, reduce duplicate invoices, gain visibility into incorrect invoice charges and accurately track ETA from multiple stakeholders.

Features Delivered in this Update

Complete visibility into shipment process and enhanced traceability for related documentation 

  • Shipment data is now processed with DL Asset Track and is stored on the blockchain network.
  • Information from various documents encompassing complete shipment lifecycle (Release Order, Advanced Shipping Notification, Packing List, Invoice, Bill of Lading, Bill of Entry, Service Invoice, Freight Invoice, Material Received Receipt) is now directly generated on the DL Asset Track platform.
  • This makes it easier to streamline the overall business process as data from all systems is available on a single platform.
  • Stakeholders have multiple options to update information from these documents by either logging in directly onto the DL Asset Track platform or via API calls allowing for workflow flexibility.

Reduced discrepancies and improved transparency via real-time tracking of Invoices

  • Discrepancies in invoice amounts claimed by suppliers (supplier invoice), DCHA (service invoice), transporters (freight invoice) were mitigated. All invoices are now generated on the DL Asset Track platform, enabling all parties to view and track invoices raised.
  • Invoice generated by the DL Asset Track platform can now be accessed by Ford and relevant stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders now have real-time visibility into the invoice approval status, which can be viewed by DCHA, liners, suppliers, and transporters.
  • Discrepancies in supplier invoices, freight invoices, and service invoices are now monitored in real-time, providing a single source of truth for all stakeholders involved.

 Reduction in inconsistent invoice amounts paid by Ford 

  • Accurate tracking of charges (such as invoice amounts and custom clearance charges) makes it possible to ensure the amount quoted by the supplier, liner, DCHA, and transporter is error-free.
  • Invoices now generated by the DL Asset Track platform mitigate human errors due to manual entry.

Complete ETA visibility achieved 

  • Production parts shipment and delivery planning are enhanced by real-time tracking of ETA.
  • Different shipments and their ETA are now tracked using their unique ASN number.

For any questions, please email us at dlfreight.support@dltlabs.io


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