Vendor Schedule Template
  • 17 May 2022
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Vendor Schedule Template

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Download Template

This template can be used for scheduling your deliveries. Click on the link below to access and download the template.

Vendor Schedule Template.xlsx

Guidelines to Upload Vendor Template

The guidelines highlighted below are essential to follow and ensure that your schedule is uploaded to the platform correctly.

Impact Area Guidelines
Time Format - Accepted Values 1200, 1300, 2100; etc.
Date Format - Accepted Values YYYY-MM-DD(e.g., For the date Feb 9th, 2023 date value should be in 2023-02-09).
Delivery For No Delivery - Cell value is left blank.
Start Time & End Time For No preferred time - Add 000 in both the cells for start & end.
Mandatory Fields The following columns cannot be left blank: Vendor Number, Store ID, Delivery Effective Date, Delivery Expiry Date, Merchandising Effective Date, and Merchandising Expiry Date.
Mandatory Fields * If data is not applicable or available for mandatory fields, rows need to be deleted from the sheet.
Mandatory Fields * Mandatory Fields can't have duplicate values. The same combination of values across these key columns cannot be duplicated in any other row. The primary keys, in conjunction, become composite keys.
Vendor ID No suffix or prefix to be added to the Vendor ID. * Multiple vendor numbers are not allowed in a single row; each row of data should have just one vendor number entry.
Commodity Type - Accepted Values Chilled, Frozen, Ambient, General Merchandise, Pharmacy -RX, Pharmacy -OCT/FS.
Receiving Through - Accepted Values Bay Door, Man Door (Receiving Door), Front Entrance, Garden Centre.
Merchandise Arrival Merchandise arriving on a particular day should be denoted with 1; leave the cell blank if merchandise is not arriving or there is no data.
Columns Names Vendor Template Columns Names should not be altered/modified.
Vendor Template Do not create multiple sheets/tabs under one Spreadsheet; refrain from applying filters on schedules.


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