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Article Summary

The profile section enables a user to edit personal information on the platform. A user can edit Profile, change language, change Password, and other profile details from this section.

Update Profile information

  1. Login to the DL Asset Track platform with your Platform Operator credentials.

  2. View your registered Name and uploaded profile image at the top right corner of the screen.

  3. View the assigned role displayed on the platform underneath your name.

  4. Click on the Profile Name or image to view all the available options such as, Profile, Subordinate, Dark mode, User Agreement and Logout.

User profile - options-01.jpg

User profile - options

  1. Click on the Profile from the available list to update your profile information.



Edit Profile

  1. On the profile page, click on the Edit Profile.

Edit Profile-01.jpg

Edit Profile

In edit profile section, you can update your profile picture, name, phone number, address, company logo and colour of the platform, as required.

  1. Next, click on the respective fields to update the details like name, support email, phone number, address, company logo and colour of the platform, as required.

  2. To update the profile picture, click on the profile image (even if it is blank) and upload a picture that is already saved in your computer.

  3. To update the Company logo, click on the company logo field (it will open a window from your computer) and choose a logo to upload.

  4. To change the platform color, click on the color palette and choose a color of your choice.

Edit Profile Information-01.jpg

Edit Profile information

  1. Once all the required details are updated, click on Save Changes.

The platform does not allow to change the email id of the account holder at any time after an account is created.

The last setting of this window is, the Support Widget, platform provides three options: Default, Custom, and None.

Support Widget

The support Widget option in the Edit Profile section, is managed by the Platform Operator for Tenant users. By using Support Widget option, the tenant user(s) can raise an issue that the support department can view and resolve on the platform.

Support widget-01.jpg

Support Widget

  1. Selecting the Default radio button means, you don’t get an option of Support on the platform.

  2. Selecting the None radio button means the Operator user can view the Support link. In this case the tenant user can raise queries/disputes via email to the platform support team.

  3. Selecting the Custom radio button means, you get a drop-down list that offers the options for setting up the Ticket Management/Platform Support system.

The platform currently supports the JIRA ticket management system.

JIRA Ticket Management System-01.jpg

JIRA ticket management system

  1. Select JIRA from the drop-down list.

The widget ID field is auto updated, once JIRA is selected.

  1. Once the required support widget is selected, click on Save Changes.

A notification at the bottom left of your screen with a message “Profile updated successfully” appears, once the profile changes are saved.

Profile update notification-01.jpg

Profile update notification

If there is a problem with your internet connection, a notification appears at the bottom left of your screen with a message "Your web browser may have encountered an issue. Please try again."

Error notification-01.jpg

Error notification

  1. Check your internet connection, and if it is working fine, then click the Save Changes again. If it fails again, repeat the process to update the changes.

Change Password

  1. On the profile page, click on the Change Password.

Profile-Change password-01.jpg

Profile – Change Password

  1. On the next page, enter the old password, new password and retype the new password in confirm password field.

  2. Click on Confirm to update the new password.

Profile-update password-01.jpg

Profile – Update password

Your new password is updated on the platform.

  1. Re-login to the platform with the updated password.

Language Management

Select Language

  1. On the Profile page, click on Select Language to choose a language of your choice.

Select Language-01.jpg

Select Language

By default, English is the selected language on this page.

  1. Click on the Radio button, with a language of your choice, for example, French.

  2. A pop-up confirmation window appears, click Ok to view the platform in French language.

Language Management-01.jpg

Language management

  1. Similarly, select any language of your choice from the list of available languages on the DL Asset Track platform.

Now, with the current selection, the platform language becomes French.

  1. To cancel the language change, click on Cancel.

Manage available languages

The next tab Manage available languages, allows the platform operator user to enable the language(s) which should be available to other users (Tenants).

  1. Click on the Manage Available Languages tab on the Language Management page.

  2. Click on the checkboxes next to the available language(s) to enable/disable them for the other users.

  3. Next, Click on Save.

Language Management - manage available languages-01.jpg

Language Management - Manage Available Languages

Only the languages enabled under this tab will reflect on the platform as Available Languages for Tenant users.

After the language settings are saved, a notification, “Available languages updated successfully” appears at the bottom left of the screen.

Language update notification-01.jpg

Language update notification

  1. Check your internet connection, if a notification appears at the bottom left of your screen that displays "Your web browser may have encountered an issue. Please try again."

Failure notification-01.jpg

Failure notification

  1. Click on Save again.

  2. Click on Cancel to abort the operation.

Language Dictionary

The Language Dictionary tab is to add/modify the labels of your choice in the requisite language to display it on the platform. This tab helps in customizing the name of the attributes as per the language selected on the platform.

Language Management - Language Dictionary-01.jpg

Language Management - Language Dictionary

The language dictionary format must have Default dynamic fields and custom term(s) for the required languages.

You can view labels mentioned in the Default dynamic fields on the platform. Other columns (custom term(s)) contain corresponding words for field labels for specific languages the user enters.

  1. If required to update the language dictionary, click on the Email icon at the top right corner of the Language Management screen.

This email includes Language Dictionary related content in it.

Email Language Dictionary-01.jpg

Email language dictionary

Next, a pop-up confirmation at the bottom left of your screen appears with a message “Language Dictionary has been sent to the account user registered email.”

Language Management – Language Dictionary Email-01.jpg

Language Management – Language Dictionary Email

  1. Download the language dictionary file from your registered email to make any edit as per your requirement.

  2. After the necessary updates, save the updated Language Dictionary in your system and navigate to the Language management screen again.

  3. Now, on the language management screen, click on Language Dictionary tab.

  4. Next, click on the Upload language dictionary icon.

Upload Language Dictionary option-01.jpg

Upload Language Dictionary option

An Upload Language Dictionary window slides in from the right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Before uploading the language dictionary sheet, make sure:
    a) The updated data is correct and verified.
    b) The updated dictionary file size is not more than 10 MB.

Making changes to the Custom Term columns will impact how attributes and labels are displayed on the platform.

  1. Click on the Upload icon or just drag and drop the updated language dictionary excel from your system folder.

Upload Language Dictionary.jpg

Upload Language Dictionary

  1. Next, click on Upload at the bottom right of your screen.

The uploaded file gets processed by the platform and can be viewed under the Language Dictionary tab.


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