Users & Roles
  • 15 Feb 2023
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Users & Roles

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Platform Administrator

Platform Administrator is the Global Administrator of the DL Asset Track platform. The platform admin account holder can onboard tenant user(s) on the platform.

Major activities of a platform Administrator are:

  • Create new operator user and update its profile.
  • Activate/deactivate existing user(s).
  • View activity logs of the Operator and its dependent users via Activity tab.
  • Set user agreement for operators.
  • View the status of the User Agreement assigned to the Operator via Agreement tab.
  • Setting configurations for each Operator user

Platform Operator

The Platform Operator is a Functional Administrator role that is typically considered as a functional Business Manager. The function of this role is to configure and automate the Business Workflow(s).

Major activities of a platform Operator are:

  • Activate account and login.
  • Configure Asset Category, Asset Profile, Business Entities.
  • Onboard subordinate operator, Participant, Auditor, and Data Operator.
  • Add/Update Master Table.

Subordinate Operator

The Subordinate Operator is onboarded by the platform operator role that shares the responsibility to configure and automate the Business Workflow(s) with a few restrictions that is reserved by the platform operator.

Business Entity (Organization)

Business Entity (Organization) is a collection of similar Participants who belong to either an enterprise or a department of an enterprise.


A Participant is an end-user who takes part in a track-and-trace operation. Participant adds, modifies an Asset's Attribute values and decides on its movement to next Business Entity.


An Auditor is an end-user who is empowered to perform audit on the track-and-trace operation of an Asset as part of a business workflow.


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