• 02 Dec 2022
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User Interface Enhancements v2.2.0

November 29th, 2022                                                                                                Version 2.2.0

DL Security Services (DLSS) is enhanced with sustainability and maintainability aspects. This minor release includes many configuration options to enable easy deployment and integration.

DLSS has also incorporated several fixes and code optimizations for better quality and security of the product.

Features Delivered in this Update

Improved Tenant Configurations

  • DLSS now supports Login and error pages in French and Spanish languages. Tenants can now be configured with these language settings. The default is English.
  • Tenants can now configure their logos with an external URL apart from uploading the image.
  • Tenants can now be configured with their own session configurations. Session Configurations include: 
    • Application session-timeout.
    • Idle-timeout.
  • Production subscription: Now, every tenant is associated with its product subscriptions. If the tenant is not subscribed to the product, the associated user claims will not be available to the product (in the form of an access token).
  • Dynamic email template: Now, tenants can design their email formats which can be sent to the user. These email templates can also be changed for each product subscription.
  • Refresh Token: The access token sent to the integrated products will now be refreshed regularly to provide updated information about the user/tenant attributes.


  • DLSS Federation flow is now certified with Azure Active Directory as an external Identity Provider.
  • DL Insights is certified to integrate with DLSS.


  • Few libraries are updated to accommodate the latest security fixes.
  • Code optimized for better memory management and error handling.
  • Improved cookie security as per recommended standards.

For any questions, please email us at dlfreight.support@dltlabs.io 


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