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Multi-lingual Support v3.1.0

June 30th, 2020                                                                                                              Version 3.1.0

The Application helps to sync DL Freight data, from its source (which currently includes the CouchDB in ASIK Track and a MongoDB used by DL Asset Track Middleware) to a DL Freight Datamart. The latest data from the source is pulled, transformed, and then is loaded to the DL Data Warehouse. 

The objective of DL Freight Datamart ETL Service is to extract the latest data from DL Freight DataSource, transform it as per the business need, and load it to the DL Freight Datamart. 

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Features Delivered in this Update

Datamart Source Extractor 

  • Extracts the latest records from DL Freight Data Source, i.e., Couch DB and Mongo DB. 
  • Enqueues the latest records to Datamart queue. 
  • Stores the meta-information (offset) into Datamart In-memory storage which is used to extract the records since the last extracts.  

Datamart Transformer and Loader 

  • Consumes the latest records from the Datamart queue and transforms them as per the structure which is defined in DL Freight Datamart to store the records. 
  • Enqueues the result log to Datamart Queue. 
  • The resulting log can be either the success log or the error log. 


For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io


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