• 07 Oct 2022
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Project Connectors and Transitions v6.0.2

January 05th, 2021                                                                                                                                    Version 6.0.2

The application allows Operators to configure complex workflows, that can span across multiple participant groups, and the simple or complex business rules associated with those workflows. 

Features Delivered in this Update

The objective of the Connectors and Transitions project is to provide a proficient tracking system for all tangible objects that originated from a single source and are movable/transferable from one entity to another by means of connectors between them. 

These features will empower the Enterprise Admin to configure complex business workflows with more flexibility and inherent decision making, all while enabling the end-user with full control & visibility. 

Business Workflow with multiple decision points and selective visibility of instances

  • Configuring each condition one by one was time-consuming and very difficult to manage. The new update on the DL Asset Track platform employs a real-time decision-making feature that can handle multiple decision points. Selective visibility of instances compliments the business workflows with multiple decision points to ensure trust among user groups. Avoids any disputes among competitors that are true to DL Asset Track™’s motto to provide superior data privacy.

Enterprise Administrators have the flexibility to save Business Workflow as drafts 

  • Enterprise Admins can complete configuration in phases instead of completing it in one go, without the need of starting over.

Group Participants can revoke business workflow instances

  • The DL Asset Track™ platform now enables the Group Participant to revoke business workflow instances sent to another group. The revoke feature lets the users recall or cancel the movement of the instances. It is only possible to revoke an instance if it is not received by the next group in the current business workflow.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io


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