• 07 Oct 2022
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Project Default Timeline Visibility and Integration v6.1.3

March 09th, 2021                                                                                                                                 Version 6.1.3

The objective of this release is to empower the Enterprise Admin to integrate the DL Asset Track platform seamlessly with any 3rd party system.  Furthermore, the upgrades enable integration with minimum coding requirements, and flexibility to use information across different business workflows.

Features Delivered in this Update

Seamless communication with 3rd party systems via a dedicated communication /integration component
  • The DL Asset Track platform interacts with 3rd party systems in fewer configuration steps that save time and effort for the Enterprise Admin.
  • Enterprise Admins can access 3rd party APIs and post data via the communication/integration component.
  • Integration requires no coding to interact with 3rd party systems.
  • One-stop solution that will reduce the need to repetitively process data on different platforms and then verify the data separately. Instead, it is easier to streamline the overall business process as data from all systems is available on a single platform.

Information obtained from 3rd party systems can be stored and used later across business workflows

  • Data can be saved for future use using a data processing component that reduces manual errors.
  • Enterprise Admins can define rules on the data processing component to manage the way data is used. This compliments DL Asset Track’s remarkable configurability.
  • Dynamic data can be now easily processed.
  • Significantly reduce dependency on static data values taken from Master tables.
  • Data can be used across business workflows reducing reprocessing time and removing repetitive steps.

Enterprise Admin can configure the last node in a business workflow to execute a specific action or event

  • Automatic triggering of events enhances the automation capabilities of DL Asset Track that further reduces manual errors and speeds up the response time.
  • Constant monitoring of assets is not required as the system is self-reliant.
  • Enterprise Admin can easily manage high volumes of data.

Add or remove participant groups in active business workflows

  • Enterprise Admin can create complex business workflows in small segments.
  • Enterprise Admins can modify active business workflows, even when the asset is moving from one group to another.
  • Enterprise Admin can test a business workflow with actual data values without the need to create multiple versions.  

Admins can configure the visibility of business workflows

  • Enterprise Admins can set various visibility levels for various participant groups in a business workflow.
  • The default view is public, i.e., complete visibility to all participants.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io


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