• 07 Oct 2022
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Project Security Improvement v6.2.3

April 09th, 2021                                                                                                              Version 6.2.3

The objective of this release is to enhance security for webhook for 3rd party integration. Participants and monitor users can configure features like timeout and account locking under integration settings. User input fields now have certain rules/validations.

Features Delivered in this Update

Configure the webhook token timeout

  • The application will allow Participants and Monitor users to configure token timeout while generating client id and client secret for webhook integration. In the webhook integration settings, users can provide duration (in hours, days) exceeding which the token will be invalid. Upon timeout, the users must regenerate the credentials for the webhook account.

Configure webhook account lockout

  • The application will allow Participants and Monitor users to lock a webhook account in case wrong credentials are used to access the account in the webhook integration settings, users can enable the lock feature and provide a number for maximum wrong attempts after which the account is locked.

Unlock webhook account

  • The application provides a clear message on the integration module if the account is locked. Participants and Monitor users can unlock the account by clicking on the unlock account link/button.

Validate webhook settings

  • Participants and Monitor users can test the webhook integration settings after configuring the timeout and the lockout feature. This feature is to check whether the settings are properly functioning or not.

Data Refresh using webhook API

  • Participants and Monitor users can perform business workflow instance refresh activity using webhook API. This activity was already available for the users on the DL Asset Track platform, now it is available for the webhook account as well

Well defined user input fields

  • All the input data fields on the application will have a defined character limit for security. The screen tip is specific towards the validations such as maximum characters allowed, special characters, and similar information. This provides immediate feedback to the user making the configuration faster. Some of the other input field feature improvements are listed below:

Flexible Master Table names

  • Master Table names were earlier limited to 20 characters and spaces in the name column were restricted. Now the maximum limit is set to 50 characters and spaces are allowed.

Default values for the mandatory field for webhook Instance creation

  • To create a business workflow instance through webhook API, the user required a mandatory field. In scenarios where the user doesn't provide a value for the mandatory field, the system generates a default value, and the business workflow instance is created successfully.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io


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