• 02 Jun 2022
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Project Web Accessibility for Participant User v8.1.0

July 28th, 2021                                                                                                              Version 8.1.0

In this release, the DL Asset Track web application for Participant users has been updated to offer to enhance accessibility. Persons with disabilities of different forms (such as poor vision, color blindness, deafness/hearing loss, or physical/cognitive disability) can now enjoy an enhanced user experience in the DL Asset Track web application.

Features Delivered in this Update

Enhanced support for screen readers

  • Custom buttons, images, charts, etc., now feature alternate text. Users can now access and navigate the above elements easily using the alternative text read aloud by screen readers.
  • Tables and labels now feature context for checkboxes. This allows them to be read aloud when using screen readers, enabling users to hear the name and state of checkboxes.
  • Tables are now accessible via audio. Users can listen to the context of tables and headers using a screen reader. Users can now also easily differentiate data in the main table from an empty layout table.
  • All links in the web application now feature a purpose. This allows users to understand the purpose of a link when using a screen reader. 
  • Search Boxes now feature labels, processing them by screen readers. Users can access these search boxes by listening to a Search Box.
  • Menus are now compatible with screen readers. This enables users to navigate menus in various situations. E.g., users can now hear whether a drop-down menu features a menu within it, whether a menu is expanded or collapsed, or if a menu is a single select drop-down type or one with multiple selectable values within. 
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons are now compatible with screen readers. This enables users to hear whether they have been selected or not.
  • Users are informed if a link has been visited or not visited when they mouse over links.

Customizable contrast and color properties for on-screen elements

  • Users can now control the color properties of on-screen elements, which are now easier to identify.
  • Small text elements now offer superior contrast, improving legibility for persons experiencing visual difficulties.

Keyboard based navigation is now supported

  • Interactive elements on the web application now support keyboard navigation compatible with screen readers. Users can now use their keyboard to navigate these elements in a logical order.
  • Heading levels and landmarks are now available on every screen. This enables them to be navigated using keyboard shortcuts compatible with a screen reader. 

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io


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