• 29 Dec 2022
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Enhancements in this Release v9.7.1

December 29th, 2022                                                                                                           Version 9.7.1

The DL Asset Track platform now has new features and more user-friendly Tenant Onboarding features. The platform has now enhanced to support Tenant Onboarding in this release. Platform admin will have the complete visibility and can perform all possible action for a smoother tenant onboarding.

Features Delivered in this Update

Tenant creation status to Platform Admin

  • Now platform admin can view the tenant creation status on DLAT platform under tenant status column at Company Profile tab. 

Action on Tenant List

  • Now platform admin can see below listed actions on created tenant under action column: 
    • Retry:  Failed Status
    • Get Tenant Status: All 4 statuses (Pending, InProgress, Failed, Completed)
    • Send Email: All 4 statuses.

Logs on Tenant Status

  • Now, Admin can view the details of logs (Event, message, status and created At) from action column. If details are not received, only status will be displayed.

Send request for Failed Status

  • Now, platform admin can send the creation request again for failed tenant creation under action column at Company Profile Tab.
  • Now, Admin can send an email to tenant with custom subject and body from action column.

Create tenant immediately

  • Now admin has an option to create the tenant immediately by click on Create tenant immediately button or it can be awaited till password created by tenant.

Resend link for password reset

  • Now user can resend the password link to themselves, if original link sent is expired or invalid for account activation.

Intimation to platform admin

  • Now, platform admin gets notification through an email, if not created tenant try to perform any action on platform.
  • Not created tenant gets a failure status message ''We are still preparing your secured space. We will intimate you on your email, once your space is ready to perform this action.'', while trying to perform any action.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io


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