Key Concepts & Definition
  • 01 Nov 2021
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Key Concepts & Definition

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An Asset is any tangible or intangible object which a user wants to track or trace


An Attribute defines one of the characteristics of an Asset

Asset Category

An Asset Category is a logical collection of Attributes

Asset Profile

An Asset Profile defines the characteristics of an Asset so it can be uniquely identified and is composed of the Attributes from an Asset Category.

Master Table

Master Table is a logical collection of data in a tabular format that can be looked up by the smart logic in real-time.

Business Automation

Various of the Participant' activities can be automated using the self-serve portal.

Smart Logic

Smart Logic is an automated way to achieve a business solution by evaluating or calculating two or more business condition or value.

Business Workflow

Business Workflow enforces a contract between/among the organizations or departments of an organization and defines the path an Asset can take during its lifecycle.


If the Participant observes any discrepancy on any value of the Attribute then the Participant can raise a dispute at any time during the lifecycle of the Business Workflow.

Any dispute raised by the Participant will get listed on the self-serve portal of the Auditor/Monitor which he/she will be able to resolve after taking appropriate action.

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