• 20 Dec 2022
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To access the platform, follow the steps below:

  1. To begin, go to the browser and open the relevant DL Asset Track Data Operator platform. This further opens a form to enter the registered tenant name.
  2. Enter the valid tenant name and select Continue to Login.


Tenant name

  1. Correct tenant name takes you to the Sign in window.
  2. Enter the registered email address and account password to access the application.

DLT Auditors New Log In Screen  Blank

Sign in window

If necessary, the platform also allows users to alter the language to English, Japanese, Thai, French, or Spanish.
To select your desired language, click on your intended language name below the Sign in window.

  1. Enter the registered email address in the Email textbox on the sign in page.

The user can enter upto 80 characters in the email textbox.

  1. Enter the password in the Password textbox.

You can also view your entered password by using the eye icon on the right corner of the Password textbox.

Eye Icon

Credentials for logging in

The platform provides an error message if entered credentials are incorrect: Either the email address and/or password is incorrect. Please try again.


Incorrect password error

  1. To log in to your platform, click on the Sign in button.

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