• 15 Feb 2023
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  1. Enter the URL https://dlat.dltlabs.com/ on your web browser.
  2. Enter the Tenant prefix and click on Continue to Login.

For the first-time user(s), the Tenant Prefix and a Password Activation link is sent to the registered email address.

Tenant name.png

Tenant name

  1. Click on the Password activation link to reset the default password received on your registered email.

  2. Once password is created, enter the registered email and password.

  3. To view your entered password, click on the Eye icon at the right-hand side of the Password field.

Sign in window.png

Sign in window

The default language of the DL Asset track platform is English. However, it supports four other languages as well, i.e., French, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai.

  1. To change the language, click on the drop-down option below the Sign in.

Language selection.png

Language selection

  1. Click Sign in to access the platform.

The platform shows an error message "Either the email address and/or password is incorrect. Please try again." if entered credentials are incorrect.

Incorrect password error.png

Incorrect password error

  1. Check the entered email id and password and click Sign in again.

If there is internet problem during Sign in, a notification “Your web browser may have encountered an issue. Please try again.” appears at the bottom left of the screen.

Error notification.png

Error notification

  1. Check your internet connection, and Sign in again to the platform.

  2. Just after Sign in, for the first-time user(s), the user agreement appears on the screen; read the agreement thoroughly.

  3. Click I Agree to proceed.

user agreement.png

User Agreement

Next, the asset Category is the default page, and a notification appears as "Login Successful" at the bottom left of your screen.

Log in Successful.png

Asset Category page and Login notification

  1. To learn more about the User Agreement, visit the User Agreement article.

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