Register Callback
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Register Callback

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Register a Callback


Callbacks enable the system to receive automated notifications through APIs.

  1. Click on the Business Workflows page from the Navigation Panel.

  2. From within the Business Workflows page, locate and click on the Callbacks button in the top right corner.


Register Callback Button

  1. From within the Callbacks sidebar window, enter in
    a. The callback name
    b. The callback URL
    c. Select the Business Entity from the dropdown list.

The Business Entity section will have the dropdown list enabled if the participant is a part of more than one business entity.


Configuring the Callback

  1. When selecting the authentication method, three options are given:
    a. None – no authentication.

b. Basic Auth – Basic Authentication requiring
i. a username and
ii. a password.


Using Basic Auth Authentication

c. OAuth2 – the most secure type of authentication requiring
i. A Client ID – obtained when generating webhook credentials.
ii. A Client Secret (code) – obtained when generating webhook credentials.
iii. A Token URL.


Using OAuth2 Authentication

  1. After selecting the authentication type, click on the Save button to successfully register a callback.

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