Understanding Self-Serve Portal
  • 23 May 2022
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Understanding Self-Serve Portal

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Article Summary

Dashboard Page

Let's explore the Dashboard page on the platform.

The Dashboard page is the default screen upon login. It displays all the configured widgets. You can add and manage widgets on the Dashboard.

  1. Log in to the DL MineTrace platform using relevant credentials.
  2. Upon logging in, the Dashboard page is the default screen.
  3. If some other page is opened, click  on the Dashboard option in the Navigation Panel on the left to get back to the Dashboard page.


Dashboard View

It's easy to use the platform's Navigation Panel. Utilize the steps below to navigate more easily.

Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel is present on the left-hand side of the screen that contains three tabs as follows - Dashboard, Workflows, and Master Table.

  1. to begin, log in to the account using relevant login credentials.
  2. The Navigation Panel is located on the left side of the screen.
  3. There are links to three menus on the Navigation Panel.
  4. The details about the pages are covered in the sections below.


Navigation Panel

Business Workflows Page

The Business Workflows page lists all the Business Workflows assigned on that account.


Business Workflows page

Interactive Navigation Panel

Using the Interactive Navigation Panel, a user can simply navigate to various Business Workflows and their respective shipments.

  1. The Business Workflows page has an arrow that opens the Interactive Navigation Panel on the left-hand side.


Accessing the Interactive Navigation Panel

Interactive Navigation Panel

The panel has an infinite scroll that helps to manage large volumes of data.


Shipment List view on the Interactive Navigation Panel

  1. Select a Business Workflow to view the list of the accessible shipments.
  2. Click on the shipment name from the Interactive Navigation Panel to view details of a shipment.
  3. Use the Search option in the Interactive Navigation Panel to search for a specific Shipment ID.


Searching a Shipment on the Interactive Navigation Panel

Listing Page

  1. Click on a Business Workflow tile to view all the shipments that are a part of it.
  2. Upon clicking a Business Workflows, a Shipment Listing page is opened on the browser.
  3. The Shipment Listing page contains a list of all the shipments present in the Business Workflow selected by the user.


Shipment Listing page

Detail View Page

The Detail View Page contains elaborate information about a shipment. All the process-related attributes and respective data can be found on this page. Additionally, shipment related operations can also be performed on this page.

  1. Click on a Business Workflow tile from the Business Workflows page.
  2. Find the required shipment on the Shipment Listing page.


View Details button or page-like icon

  1. Click on the Page like icon present under the Actions column to view details of the shipment.
  2. The Page like icon is also refered to as View Details action button.
Actions Column

On the Shipment Listing page, the Actions column is the rightmost column. It contains several icons that can be used to perform shipment-related actions from the Shipment Listing page, as the names suggest.


Details page of a shipment

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