• 15 Sep 2022
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August 30th, 2022                                                                                                        Version 1.0.0

In this release, Teck Resources uses DL MineTrace for the end-to-end traceability of responsibly produced Germanium Tetrachloride and Germanium Dioxide. This marks the first use of DL MineTrace and blockchain technology to trace this critical mineral.

The following features are included as part of this release of DL MineTrace.

  • Application of two main workflows for end-to-end traceability of supplier accreditations and raw material shipments through to product creation:
    • Supplier Onboarding: This workflow allows new suppliers to onboard themselves onto the DL MineTrace platform as a one-time activity by adding different details like their ISO certifications, site details, safety data sheet, etc. It will also be used to update the certification details as and when they expire.
    • Shipment: This workflow allows suppliers to add raw material shipment details like the shipping assays, product information, sailing date, etc.
  • Capture Germanium and Zinc attributes at each designated touchpoint along the chain of custody through manual and electronic inputs. 
  • Provide a single, shared version of truth between multiple business process participants (internal and external to Teck Resources). 
  • Provide immutable data to stakeholders based on a user’s role within the supply chain. 
  • Incorporate various formats for certifications, assays, and documents into the chain of custody.
  • Generation of the Mass Balancing and Country of Origin report through live Raw Material Management System integration.

Features Delivered in this Update

  • Onboarding of the following Business Entities:
    • Two raw material sources mines
    • Teck groups: Trail Operations, Sales, and Marketing
    • Logistics Company: Vancouver Logistics
    • End customer: Corning
  • User-based permission and access control mechanisms ensured selective visibility and accessibility of data. Additionally, specific information such as the Mine’s name is kept confidential.
  • The integrations of Cross-platform were implemented between DL MineTrace and Teck systems:
    • SAP - for shipping notices and sales orders. 
    • Raw Material Management Systems (RMMS) - to capture weight & moisture data and assay exchanges.
  • Reports were generated using data from system integration and made available to authorized users on the platform.
  • Calculation of Mass Balancing: the process used to estimate the feed source consumed during Germanium Tetrachloride and Germanium Dioxide production.
  • The country of origin and certifications of mines from which products are sourced are visible to the end customer (Corning).
  • Centralized source for document management and reporting.
  • Inclusion of the below elements:
    • Key shipping documents such as vessel shipping receipts and invoices.
    • Certifications signifying mining standards for all source mines.
    • Assays show the composition of minerals in raw material shipments.
    • Reports such as Mass Balancing and Country of Origin to be consumed by customers and authorized user groups within Teck Resources.

For any questions, please email us at dlfreight.support@dltlabs.io 

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