• 05 Aug 2022
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User Interface Enhancements v2.3.1

Aug 03rd, 2022                                                                                                              Version 2.3.1

The DL Asset Track platform has design improvements in the existing user interface in this release. Existing functionalities are updated to deliver a smoother and more user-friendly navigation. Onscreen elements are enhanced to boost the platform's usability, especially the functionality of the customizable filters.

Features Delivered in this Update

Updated onscreen elements

  • The Description data field across the platform now auto-adjusts in the sidebars without overlapping buttons and elements on the screen. The expansion of the text box is now between a range to ensure visual aesthetics.
  • Platform notifications that appear at the left bottom of the screen when a specific operation is completed now remain static on the screen. These messages remain on the screen till you perform a mouse click.
  • The Read More and Read Less buttons in the text details on the instance details page have refined text visibility. Complete words are visible without cropping any letters, making the information more readable.
  • Messages displayed in the Comments tab on the instance details page have improved font size and color, ensuring better clarity.
  • The SOA (Set of Attributes) type data is now displayed in a tabular format in the Activities and Comments section. The SOA table is updated whenever any attribute data is modified.
  • The View Details buttons on the instance listing page have a screen tip. The tip appears on the bottom of the screen upon mouse hover.

Enhancements in Operator functions

  • Operators can now easily add or remove file formats while customizing the File Upload data field while creating a new attribute for the respective asset category. Remove all added file formats using the new Clear All button placed right next to the Enter Additional File Formats data field.
  • The Group Name data field that appears while creating a business workflow sequence is now marked as a mandatory field. A star or asterisk (*) sign is added to the data field to simplify the user experience.
  • Operators can now save and exit the workflow customization window while creating a new business workflow. The Save & Close button now appears on the top right corner of the Create business workflow page. Upon clicking the Save & Close button, the Operator is redirected to the business workflow listing page.
  • Similarly, while modifying a business workflow, Operators can now click the Update & Close button to redirect to the business workflows listing page.
  • While creating or modifying a business workflow, Operators can click on the Save or Update button to continue workflow creation or stay on the customization page.

Enhancements in the Business Workflows

  • The list of aggregated source instances is now displayed on the target business workflow’s View Tracing page.
  • The Dropdown attribute is visible while creating a Filter in the Workflow Instance Listing page.
  • The color code (grey) for deactivated instances is now visible on the Workflow Instance Listing page.

Enhancements in the APIs

  • The API call will go once to fetch all the filter counts when you click on the pre-defined filters on the Workflow Instance Listing page.
  • The API call will go when you scroll up and down once the filter button is accessed on the Workflow Instance Listing page.

Enhancements in the Schedule Reports for the Operator

  •  Added a date picker attribute in the 'Select Attributes' dropdown section to create schedule reports for the Operator.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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