• 02 Jun 2022
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Project NodeJS Version Upgrade  v8.2.0

September 16th, 2021                                                                                                            Version 8.2.0

In this release, users can see a dynamic node status on any group node in the workflow timeline, as configured by the operator. This node status will make the timeline more informative.  Additionally, a textbox can now feature a URL attribute type. This is rendered as a hyperlink, wherever visible.

Features Delivered in this Update

Operators can now set a Group Node’s status in the timeline 

  • Operators can now easily set the status in the timeline for group nodes. 
  • The status set by an Operator is now visible to Participants and Monitors who have permission to access a timeline.  

Operators can now validate URLs

  • URLs can now be validated for the textbox type attributes while adding/updating an asset category in a workflow timeline. 
  • Like other attributes, this URL type attribute is visible to Operators and other users who have the required access.
Node JS and NPM libraries have been updated to newer
  • In Workflow Management Service, Nodejs is now upgraded to v14.17.5.  
  • Additionally, most NPM libraries have been upgraded to their latest versions.

For any questions, please email us at dl.releasenotification@dltlabs.io

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